Piloting activities in Bratislava, Slovakia

The Portal, Wiki, the SMC, the EMC, the CDF and TMS have been tested by both key internal stakeholders (city district of Devín and Rača), BSK employees as well as wider local community which should be benefiting from project results. The key internal stakeholders welcomed added value of FLOOD-serv project in direct involvement of citizens in addressing flood hazards.

Additionally, Exdwarf conducted independent testing of EMC; Exdwarf conducted drone field testing by taking pictures of key flooding areas in Bratislava region, that were then tested with TMS. Most of the system testing in the cycles 1 and 2 was conducted by Exdwarf, BSK employees online. Testing in cycle 3 was conducted collectively on BSK premises and in the Slovak Technical University, involving stakeholders citizens-students. During piloting workshops participants lists have been generated and signed. In most sessions, testers provided feedback about the system such as general features, usability etc. which has been documented in reports.

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