1D1.3 - Intermediate Activity and Management ReportReport for period: August 2017 - July2018
2D1.4 - Data Management Plan - outline versionOpen Research Data Pilot
3D1.5 - Data Management Plan - final versionORDP: Open Research Data Pilot
4D2.1 - Organization of flood risk management reportReport
5D 2.2 - Analysis on Emergency Flood Management Public Services ReportRegulatory models, organizational models and ICT use
6D 2.3 - Report on the public participation procedures and citizen involvementThe report includes the comparative study regarding
stakeholder interactions, public participation and citizen
involvement in the open government
7D3.3 - Social Media ComponentReport
8D3.4 - Emergency Management ConsoleRelease Notes
9D3.5 - Semantic Wiki Technical implementation of the FLOOD-serv Semantic Wiki solution
10D3.6 - Territory Monitoring SystemRelease Notes
11D3.6 - Citizen Direct FeedbackRelease Notes
12D4.4 - FLOOD-serv Platform Software type deliverable up to M32
13D 4.5 - FLOOD- serv INTEGRATED SYSTEMComponent links for the Integrated System
14D5.4 - FLOOD-serv Platform Tests and Pilot Evaluation Report Final Report
15D6.1 - Community of Interest Build up and Engagement strategyReport
16D6.2 - Dissemination PlanReport
17D6.3 - First Communication and Dissemination Report & Updated Plan Report
18D6.6 Final Communication and Dissemination ReportReport