Workshop in Famalicão 🗓

On the 26th and 27th of January the fifth FLOOD-serv workshop was conducted in the city of Famalicão. The first day the workshop was hosted by Vila Nova de Famalicão at Casa do Território, Parque da Devesa while the second day was hosted by ANO at its headquarters

Dr. Ricardo Mendes, Vice-president of the municipality of Famalicão, gave the opening speech on the first day of the workshop. After the welcoming, the overview of the FLOOD-serv project was introduced to the public, followed by the detailed presentation of the use case in Famalicão (Presentation of existing solutions and technical infrastructure in Famalicão and of the technical components of the project).

On the second day of the workshop two live demonstrations were presented. The first one was a demonstration of how to collect information from various social media channels in the case of emergency and merge them into the emergency management system; the Emergency Management Console was presented following that.

The main objectives of the workshop were to promote the understanding of the existing solutions in Famalicao from the technical partners. Also, to inform Officials and organisations in Famalicão dealing with flood-emergencies about the FLOOD-serv project and to outline technical solutions and integration of FLOOD-serv with the existing solutions.

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