Lega Ambiente Association: Activities to inform citizens of Genoa about the local hydrogeological risks 🗓

Lega Ambiente Liguria ONLUS Association with the Civil Protection of Municipality of Genoa, had organised an Exhibition and and a workshop “Genova e il rischio idrogeologico” from 15th January to 23th March 2018, for children to raise their awareness about the hydrogeological risks.

This workshop was aiming to transmit to younger citizens and to the most vulnerable sections of citizenship the fundamental concepts related to the issue of hydrogeological instability to which the city of Genoa is subject.

Moreover, the Lega Ambiente Association, along with the Municipality of Genoa, organised on April 21st an “open walk” on the Bisagno river bank to explain the characteristics and the fragilities of the territory. This event,organised in Genoa, was very usefull for the dissemination of FLOOD-serv project.
More photos and information about this “open walk” can he found here

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