A dedicated system to support public authorities in flood emergencies is in the making!

A pro-active and personalised citizen-centric public service platform dedicated to specific emergency actions on flood occurrences is going to be implemented and harnessed by integrating existing components. An emergency management console including a GIS component will be the core of the platform and will manage the other components: risk and crisis events monitoring and situational awareness, social media, territory monitoring system, citizen direct feedback and sensors network.

The main goal of the platform is to help public authorities in the prevention, intervention and recovery of flood emergency situations and to link citizens, public administration and authorities through social media and mobile technologies. Transparency and citizen involvement will be key factors in the process which aims to provide valuable information during emergency events.

In planning and collecting user requirements, a round of workshops was organized in the five pilot cities of Genova (Italy), Tulcea (Romania), Bratislava (Slovakia), Bilbao (Spain) and Vila Nova de Famalicão (Portugal).

Following the fifth and final workshop held in Vila Nova de Famalicão (Portugal), the analysis work has been put forward among the stakeholders.  As a result, user requirements related to all the five components of the platform are ready to be structured and refined before we start the first round of development.

Not only have the user requirements been elicited but also the expectations regarding the user interface and functional aspects have been set up along with all possible overlapping aspects that might encumber the integration process.

As soon as the final version of user requirements analysis is submitted, a first version of the user interfaces based on latest specifications, is going to be designed in a law fidelity visual prototype. This way we put the basis of the integrated components into our platform by allowing the end users to check, test and improve the proposed visual prototype.

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