FLOOD-serv System

flood-serv_systemOverview of how FLOOD-serv will work:

The Emergency Management Console will gather all the available information from these sources and will visualize the current emergency status on a map and will track the actions to be executed. The FLOOD-serv system will be victualed by 4 main sources.

  1. Risk and Crisis Events Monitoring and Situational Awareness:
    • Collect information (events) from various social media channels
    • Automatic collect opinions and articles related to the flooding problem, structure and visualizes them through geo mapping
    • Communicate with the citizens efficiently through a multichannel messaging in case of an emergency.
  2. Networked Sensors Modules: Sensors will announce floods to other components to launch the system
  3. Territory Monitoring System: Identification of flood risks within an extensive geographic area through the analysis of satellite or airplane images
  4. Citizen Direct Feedback: Provision of a direct communication channel from citizens to the respective local authorities for any flood information