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FLOOD-serv Newsletter Issue No. 2 - March 2017
A dedicated system to support public authorities in flood emergencies is in the making!
A pro-active and personalised citizen-centric public service platform dedicated to specific emergency actions on flood occurrences is going to be implemented and harnessed by integrating existing components. An emergency management console including a GIS component will be the core of the platform and will manage the other components: risk and crisis events monitoring and situational awareness, social media, territory monitoring system, citizen direct feedback and sensors network.
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FLOOD-serv Workshops in Pilot cities

Workshops were conducted in a number of Pilot cities to ensure that the project addresses user needs.
    Workshop in Genova
    Workshop in Tulcea
    Workshop in Bratislava
    Workshop in Bilbao
    Workshop in Famalicão

FLOOD-serv in Media

There was plenty of media coverage in the past months for the FLOOD-serv project. You can have a closer look at who said what, when and where in the lines to follow!
    TV Bratislava
    Zapadoslovenska televizia
    Opinião pública
    Bilbao Newspaper
    O Povo Famalicense
    Radio Regina


Other FLOOD-serv News

There are many noteworthy appearances for FLOOD-serv to major events! Take a look at some that marked the project's activities these past few months.

    Memorandum of Cooperation

    SCEWC 2016 international summit


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