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From reaction to prevention:
The power of ICT combined with flood risk management tactics
The impacts of flooding cannot be completely prevented. Flood risk increases with ongoing climate change. The FLOOD-serv research project aims to reduce flood risk in large international basins. This will be achieved through the collaboration between different academic fields and the communication with interested individuals.

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FLOOD - serv Project in the International Scientific Event
“Deltas and Wetlands”

“Deltas and Wetlands” was the title of the International Symposium that was conducted in Tulcea Romania from the 18th to the 21st of May 2017. During this conference numerous speakers attended and a variety of subjects around the main theme of the conference were presented.


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Getting ready for next flooding

The phenomenon of flooding occurs in Bilbao cyclically, 39 flooding events are described quite in detail since 1380. The last one in 1983 caused by a cold drop phenomenon, with a rainfall in 24 hours equivalent to the average half year precipitation, affected a big part of the city and left the nightmare of 39 casualties an over 1.2 billion euros in damages on assets.


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Other Project News


asterisk FLOOD-serv meets the Mayor of Bratislava

After meeting the Mayor of Bratislava Devin, Mrs. Lubica Kolkova, Katarina Vargova (BSK) and Tomas Koren (Exdwarf).




asterisk Collaboration with Mobile Age project


The FLOOD-serv Communication and Dissemination team proudly announces the establishment of a brand new collaboration with the Mobile Age project !





asterisk Project Meeting in Tulcea


The FLOOD-serv team gathered in Tulcea city, Romania from 11th to 12th of May 2017 where it discussed about the progress of the project and planned its next steps.




asteriskFLOOD-serv in BVS Svet Magazine

Floods in the Bratislava region should be past..

The Bratislava Water Company and the Bratislava Self-Governing Region are part of the international project "Public Flood Emergency and Awareness Service", linking local and national alarm systems with social networks as well. The county will receive 65,000 euros to launch the project, and volunteer reporting will be part of the alert system.




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